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Join our missions committee in prayer for our missionaries.  The missions committee promotes and coordinates missions activities domestically and abroad. Please contact one of the committee members for questions and comments concerning Cloverdale's mission efforts.

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Every summer the DR missionaries and interns host eight youth groups over eight weeks for a one-week adventure in missions. The experience can be a launching point for involvement in missions for many years to come. If you think your teenager might be interested in going next time (2016), I encourage you to seek out mission articles, autobiographies, and speakers to whet their appetite for God’s work in the world. If you do your homework, the experience will be amplified many times when your teenager arrives. Also, get them involved now in giving to this work. You can support a student in the school, help with Magi boxes and Bobita barrel, and get them involved in the 1st annual Manna 5k run/walk being held this next spring (no details yet, but we plan to pull it off in the next eight months!). Get involved, get informed, and get mission-committed because God is at work throughout the world, and He has called us to participate in the “family business” of proclaiming the good news that Christ has died for our sins.

1.  Something Old – For those who have gone to the DR in the past, there is much that you would recognize if you traveled there now: the compound where the teams stay, eat, and play; the children’s home down the road; and the many faces of people from Bobita who have built long-lasting relationships with Cloverdale members. The Manna leadership is comprised of many familiar faces who continue to provide direction and vision to the programs that introduce young people to a quick sampling of ministries in another cultural context.

2.  Something New – The program has expanded efforts to reach out to Rio San Juan, the nearest city to Bobita, through an outreach center offering programs to young people who are thirsty for the gospel message that God loves them. To provide long-term support for the faith development of these young people, a school has been launched to offer them quality education with a discipling component. Lord willing, there will soon be a campus ministry in place in Santiago to continue the mentoring track that the missionaries are offering to these precious young souls.

3.  Something Borrowed – These efforts are only possible through the combined prayers and efforts from many churches and individuals. Work groups, donations of needed supplies, and many other gifts from God are passed on to this mission effort from those who have heard or experienced firsthand the great work that God is doing in the DR.

4.  Something Blue – Blue water surrounds the island, blue tarps serve as protection from the sun, and the blue Daihatsu hauls teens out to see the work and hauls young children in to be taught about Jesus.

~ Karl

For more information on the Manna work see:

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