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Join our missions committee in prayer for our missionaries.  The missions committee promotes and coordinates missions activities domestically and abroad. Please contact one of the committee members for questions and comments concerning Cloverdale's mission efforts.

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Paul and Noe Crites

Paul and Noe are church-planting missionaries in Guatemala overseen by the Cloverdale Church of Christ. Paul and Noe have a very profound appreciation for Latin-American peoples and cultures. Prior to their work in Guatemala, they served as domestic missionaries in San Francisco, California, where Paul held the title of associate minister of benevolence and cross-cultural evangelism.

Currently Paul and Noe are building the core group of a new church in Guatemala in the city of Ciudad San Cristobal, a new, middle class city of 250,000 currently with no Church of Christ. Paul and Noe are partnered with and receiving support (intellectual, spiritual and financial) from many great mentors and colleagues from Kairos Church Planting, Harding University and numerous faithful congregations and individuals. Paul and Noe host numerous visiting short-term missionaries and university interns, with plans to accept even more in the future for the edification of the Lord's Church in Guatemala and back home as well.

Paul is a military veteran and holds a degree in Bible and ministry from Harding University and a master's degree in humanities & leadership with a concentration in Biblical models of Christian leadership. Paul and Noe have served in ministries involving campus ministry, using the Bible to teach English as a second language, Christian addiction- recovery programs, homeless ministry, and support of underfunded orphanages. Ocassionally Paul and Noe are invited to speak on church development and have conducted seminars in leadership and evangelism.

Paul and Noe's hobbies include traveling and exploring different languages and cultures, studying, riding motorcycles, baking, woodworking and taking care of their daughter, Naomi Abigail, and son, John Paul.

They live among volcanoes, coffee plantations, rain forests and the most beautiful people in the world. "Come see for yourself and serve the Lord with us!"

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